Seller Subscription Plan

2,499.00 999.00

  • One year validity
  • We get a lot of online Buyer inquiries
  • We identify genuine Buyers and pitch your Membership to them.
  • We negotiate on your behalf
  • We also share Buyer Enquiry leads directly to your mailbox.
  • Your contact details are accessible to all Buyers visiting the site irrespective of whether they have subscribed to see contact details or not.
  • You save a huge amount of money on Brokerage
  • We also facilitate renting your available nights.
  • It’s a Win-Win Situation for all parties.




As a Seller when you subscribe to our services, we work closely with you in getting your Membership seen and sold at the earliest.
Think Wise! Save Big
Get access to 100’s of Buyer Enquiries.
Liquidate your Membership Now.


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