Frequently Asked Questions

What is a timeshare resale?

A time share resale is simply a Holiday membership which is being sold by the current timeshare owner rather than by the resort – usually at a price lower than the time share's original retail value.

How is the "market value" determined for resale’s?

Pricing varies depending on a variety of factors. These factors include - but are not limited to - the time of year (season), location, resort amenities, size of the unit, unit amenities, and, of course, market demand.

What are Maintenance Fees or ASF.

A maintenance fee or ASF ( Annual Subscription fees) is a mandatory fee that the resort management company or homeowners association charge its owners. This fee most often covers utilities and maintenance expenses including beautification of the unit and property. Maintenance fees/ASF are generally levied on annual basis.

If I purchase a time share resale, will I receive the same benefits offered by the resort?

In most cases, any and all rights of ownership are transferred from the transferer to the transferee when you purchase a membership on resale.

How is ownership of the Membership resale transferred to me?

Our Timeshare experts shall assist you in this. When a timeshare resale takes place the existing owner has to surrender all his documents and sign up the transfer form along with the necessary documents. For most buyers and sellers, we recommend working with us closely in understanding the requirements of both parties. Buyers, please be aware that in almost all cases you are expected to pay the fees associated with the closing and transfer of the title. All the documentation will take place in their respective Timeshare Company office.

If I decide to buy, is financing available for timeshare resales?

Yes ! offer's financing to timeshare buyers however it depends from case to case.

Am I at any risk while selling or purchasing a timeshare on resale?

We at take all measures and precautions in ensuring a safe and secured transaction. Interest of both the parties Buyer as well as the seller is taken care of. Our timeshare experts work with you closely right from the start till the closing of the deal. The customer is guided step by step on all procedures of transfer. The transfer and sale proceedings are undertaken only through our set process.

Can I legally sell my timeshare/membership ?

The holiday membership/timeshare you own is an intangible asset unless there is a clause in your purchase agreement that states your membership as Non Transferable . Usually all timeshares across the world are transferable and you have all the rights to rent gift or transfer your membership at your freewill. The resort / timeshare company also charges a transfer fee to get the transfer executed. A new membership certificate and card is issued by the company to the new owner.