1. Sellmymembership.com does not own any of the resorts/hotels or any other kind of properties listed for timeshare.

2. We are just an interface providers or a portal for Vacation/Hotel/Resort owners to sell or rent their timeshare or for timeshare buyers to buy timeshare from Vacation/Hotel/Resort timeshare owners.

3. Any agreement that is made between the buying/selling/renting parties will not involve any ownership from www.sellmymembership.com as an Organization.

4. All deals are to be done at the mutual consent of buyer and seller and in coordination with respective timeshare companies.

5. Ideally, seller is expected to clear all pending dues and get No Due Certificate from concerned timeshare company and buyer is expected to take care of all future payment.

6. Timeshare companies may charge a nominal fee for ownership transfer or at their discretion change/enforce rules related to this.

7. All controls rest with respective timeshare company to allow/reject ownership transfer request as per the rules that govern the timeshare membership agreements.

8. All the transfer transactions between the Seller & the Buyer shall take place in the respective Timeshare Company Office as per their norms and conditions.

9. Sellmymembership.com is only an online platform where a Seller can express desire to sell his membership or Buyer can express his intention to buy one.

10. We are only the service providers thus assisting a Seller in finding a Buyer and assisting the Buyer in finding a Seller.

11. Sellmymembership.com as a website is completely owned and regulated by ModiSun Holidays.