Resort Condominiums International (RCI) or Interval International (II) are the 2 most popular Timeshare exchange company. Each of these exchange companies offers unique benefits and services, but both provide you with the chance to expand your choices of when and where you holiday.

Want an extra vacation week this year? A timeshare rental / Week purchase from existing timeshare member in a new destination could be the perfect solution!



Request First or Deposit First- Unlike RCI, Interval allows owners to request an exchange week BEFORE depositing their timeshare week. This allows you to hold onto your week until you’ve found exactly what you want.

Member Getaways- Enjoy exclusive values on extra vacations without exchanging your resort week.

Guest Certificates- Share the benefits of your membership with friends and family – available for both exchange accommodations and Member Getaways.

Interval Travel- Travel discounts on cruises, airline tickets, car rentals, activities and more – enjoy rates not available to the general public.

Interval Gold Membership- Upgrade your membership and receive even more discounts and opportunities for year-round travel including ShortStay Exchange and Gold Concierge.





Among the different types of RCI memberships, RCI weeks is the oldest and most trusted form of timeshare exchange that the company offers. RCI members can deposit their timeshare into the RCI weeks exchange system and find more than 35,000 guaranteed vacations for them to choose from. Many people have to buy a full-priced timeshare on top of their RCI membership in order to access a program like RCI weeks. However, with, you can purchase an RCI timeshare resale for up to 50 percent off retail price ( Price at which the resort is selling their memberships ), and still become an RCI member, saving you thousands of Rupees.

Once you have a timeshare at an RCI-affiliated resort, you can use RCI weeks to trade your timeshare accommodations. First, deposit your week into the RCI exchange network. RCI will then take your timeshare week, and present you with similar timeshares to choose from. However, the options don’t stop there. RCI weeks enables vacationers to trade up, in which you can combine multiple deposits to book a vacation you may not have been able to afford before. Additionally, members can trade down, taking a vacation of lesser value and using the leftover trading power to use on an additional vacation. Members can also trade their timeshares for RCI cruises, for an entirely different vacation experience.



If you’re currently a timeshare owner and part of the RCI weeks exchange program, and you’re looking to get rid of your membership, you may want to consider selling your RCI timeshare. attracts interested timeshare buyers each day, with many looking for timeshare resales that are affiliated with RCI. If you need a fast solution, you can learn more about how to sell your RCI timeshare with us today. Please call 8850813007 to know in detail or you can write to us at or



Quickly emerging as the most popular way to exchange timeshares, RCI Points makes maximizing your timeshare ownership experience easy. This system is preferred by many RCI members due to its greater flexibility and ability to combine points.

With RCI Points, your home week is evaluated by RCI and assigned a points value. This value is determined by the popularity of your resort, type of unit and features, seasonality, RCI member reviews, and more. Once your timeshare is assigned a value, you’ll be able to spend those points on other resorts and vacations within your points range.



RCI Weeks is a traditional timeshare exchange program that many of RCI’s affiliated resorts utilize. It allows owners of timeshare weeks to exchange their week for one at another RCI-affiliated resort. Your membership with RCI Weeks enables you to deposit your home week into the RCI system, and then browse RCI’s inventory for the vacation of your choice in return.

The RCI Weeks program depends largely on Deposit Trading Power, or DTP. This number is based on the details of your timeshare ownership, and can determine what kind of accommodations for which you can exchange. For example, if you own a timeshare in Club Mahindra during the most popular vacation season for that area, you may be able to exchange that for a timeshare in another popular destination, such as Switzerland or Australia.



There are approximately 7,000 different resorts in the RCI exchange network. Browsing through the thousands of possibilities can be a daunting task, but that is where the RCI Directory comes in. As an RCI member, you will likely be using the Directory to find resorts and destinations each year as you plan your trips.

If you’re looking to buy an RCI timeshare or rent an RCI timeshare, you’ve come to the right place. features thousands of currently available RCI timeshare resales and rentals.

Many resorts and developers sell timeshares that are accompanied by an RCI membership. However, these packages are often extremely overpriced. You can get the same quality accommodations for thousands less through timeshare resale. And, if you purchase a unit at an RCI affiliated resort, all you need to do is register for an RCI membership and you can start exchanging. Use the form on this page to get in touch with one of our timeshare resale specialists today.