Membership Benefits in a nutshell

In general a Timeshare Membership offers the following features and benefits however it may differ from company to company. The information provided here is only an overview and for detailed understanding please refer to your respective timeshare terms and conditions. 

7 Nights of a Family Vacation every year

A member can enjoy 7 nights of luxurious vacation at his preferred location and time every year till the end of Membership tenure .

Split your nights

7 nights can be split into 3 nights at one location and the balance 4 nights in another location as per member choice.

Save Advance Gift or Rent.

Oops No time to go on a holiday - your nights automatically gets saved for next year. Need an extra vacation Member can advance his nights from the next year. Only a maximum of 21 nights can be accumulated. Member can also gift a holiday for free or at a cost to a friend or relative.

Choose your Apartment .

The member has to choose the apartment type of his membership . Options are 1- A studio apartment occupies two adults and two children below the age of twelve . 2- One Bedroom occupies four adults. 3 - Two Bedroom occupies six adults . 2 children below 12 years are considered as one adult in most of the resorts . In some RCI affiliated resorts Studio occupies only 2 adults. The membership cost varies upon the Apartment chosen.

Holiday in a Season as per your choice

The member has to choose the season category before signing up for the membership . Season is split into 4 categories. 1- Purple - Super Peak season 2- Red - Peak season 3- White - Mid season 4. Blue - Low Season . The membership cost also varies as per the season chosen . RCI only has 3 season category Red white & Blue.

RCI - Resort Condominium International

Major Indian Timeshare players like Club Mahindra , Sterling Holidays , RGBC etc are affiliated with RCI which has around 100 plus affiliated resorts in India and 5000 + affiliated resorts across the globe. The member gets the benefit of holidaying in any of the RCI resort through RCI timeshare exchange system. To know more about how RCI works click here .

International Holidays- RCI.

Members of Club Mahindra , Sterling Holidays, RGBC ( Royal Goan Beach Club ) and other Indian timeshare companies which are are affiliated with RCI can enjoy International holidays at a nominal exchange fees.

Transfer Rights of Membership.

Generally all timeshare memberships are transferable. The resort / timeshare company usually charges a transfer fee at the time of transfer. Do check the transfer terms & conditions from the company before signing up for any membership.