Know all about Timeshare

What is Timeshare/Holiday memberships

Timeshare, also known as Vacation Ownership, offers the opportunity to own condominium-style accommodations at quality resorts, which typically offer an array of amenities in popular domestic and international destinations. Timeshare accommodations typically offer spacious floor plans and home-like amenities when compared with traditional hospitality products like hotels, and may include kitchens, laundry facilities, living room space, and multiple bedrooms – all in the privacy of your own unit. 

What are the benefits of owning a timeshare?

  1. Inflation free holidays: Owning a timeshare ensures an inflation free holiday for a lifetime. Usually the tenure of such memberships are 25 years. A member can enjoy 25 years of family holidays at today’s cost or probably much lower than the current market cost. The cost of the membership varies from Rs. two lakhs to ten lakhs. In the long term, buying a timeshare is more cost-effective than renting a hotel room each year. Timeshare members are also shielded from the rising hotel rates that appear during peak weekends or the tourist season.
  2. Amenities: Many timeshares resorts offer amenities that even upscale hotels sometimes lack. Larger timeshares resorts may have a swimming pool, tennis courts, exercise facilities and kitchens for owners to prepare their own meals. Timeshare rooms are generally larger and more fully furnished than bare-economy hotel rooms. Member will have an option to participate in many on-site activities usually conducted to keep the members engaged. Preparing meals (optional) at the timeshare resort especially on an international getaway also saves a lot of money on a vacation.
  3. Renting & Resell option: Many timeshare companies allow their members to rent out nights in the event of member himself not going on a holiday in a particular year or even resell his membership after few years of purchase. 


Are timeshare vacations cost effective?

Undoubtedly the answer is: Yes.

Stated below are some of the main reasons that vacation timeshares resorts have become a choice of more and more holidaying families.

Timeshares only cost a fraction of what a Resort / Hotel / Vacation home or condo would cost outright.Maintenance fees and incidental expenses are divided among multiple owners.

Your accommodations are prepaid, so inflation cannot affect your ability to vacation.

And over and above this when you buy such memberships on resale through one can often save more than 50% off retail value (Retail value is the price at which the same property is sold by the resort).  

Timeshare versus Hotel accommodation?

There are many things that set a vacation timeshare resort apart from the average hotel, but the main difference is the quality of the actual rooms available.

Compared to traditional hotel rooms, vacation timeshares are far more deluxe and can range in size from studio units to suites with three or more bedrooms that can often sleep ten or more guests. Here is a head to head comparison of common features you will find in most hotel rooms and those you will find in most time shares.


Standard Hotel Room Features:

»Single room, including one or two beds

»Adjoining bathroom

»Cable television and DVD player

»Closet and dresser

»Coffeemaker and/or mini-fridge

»Couch/chairs/table (some rooms)

»Iron/ironing board (some rooms)


Standard Timeshare Suite Features:

»Multiple rooms, including:

»One, two or three private bedrooms

»Private master bath

»Living area, including:

»Convertible sofa bed

»Cable television with DVD player

»Balcony or patio

»Additional bathroom(s)

»Fully-equipped kitchen or kitchenette, including:

»Refrigerator (or mini-fridge)

»Coffeemaker, microwave, stove/oven

»Utensils, dishes, pots, pans, etc.

»Separate dining area (some units)

»Additional features:

»Washer/dryer (some units)

As you can see from the list above, timeshare holidays offers additional conveniences and comforts not available to travellers who stay exclusively in hotels. In addition to the en suite amenities listed above, timeshare resorts also provide an extensive range of on-site activities and amenities. Many resorts offer championship golf courses, ski mountain access, equestrian centres, water complexes, world-class spas and even five-star restaurants.

Bottom Line.

In India alone there are more than 15 Lakh Timeshare owner families, 80 percent of whom report that they are more than satisfied with their timeshare vacation purchase.

Any timeshare owner will tell you that vacation ownership not only makes sound financial sense, but also provides for a far more secure, relaxing, and enjoyable vacation experience. Stop throwing away your money on hotels and start actually enjoying your vacations — try a vacation timeshare today. Click here for best resale deals.

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